Monday, October 29, 2007

Gir new #1 Pandorabot

Perl programmer Chris Prather created Gir, a new Pandorabot based on the free AAA AIML Set, and put it on a couple of IRC channels. The Gir brain, which combines the AAA set with Chris' own custom AIML, provides natural language responses for two of Chris' bots, Bender and Pip. Due to intense IRC traffic, the Gir bot reached the #1 spot on the Pandorabots Most Popular list.

Chris Prather's long-term project is a bot named Bender.
Chris developed his own Net::AIML package for Perl, which makes a connection to Pandorabots. In one incarnation Gir provides fallback conversational abilities for Bender. Gir is also the brains behind his more recent bot Pip, which uses Net::AIML and Acme::LOLCAT, LOLCAT transforms English sentences into amusing, idiosyncratic, bad English. For more information on LOLCAT see Wikipedia

Bender and Pip sit on about a dozen channels on three IRC networks (#swhack on freenode, several channels on, and two channels on a private IRC server). The IRC traffic through Net::AIML is driving Gir to the #1 spot on Pandorabots.

Chris says, "Piping the AIML response through LOLCAT made for a more believable character as the naive responses that the bot would make were easily attributed to the 'ethos' of the LOLCAT character."

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