Saturday, October 06, 2007

New Release of Charlix Desktop Assistant

Charles Chevallier has announced that Charlix is back with a new release. Charlix is a desktop assistant. He is based in AIML from the implementation of Dr. Richard S. Wallace's A.L.I.C.E. system.

Following an old suggestion from Mehri (RebeccaAIML developer he added many scripts for new Linux users to install Java, Acrobat reader, torrent clients, plugins for Firefox, file sharing software, USB gamepads, Microsoft fonts, drivers for MP3 and DVD, MIDI capabilities, Skype, and plenty of software for Debian distributions. It can turn DMA on or turn numlock on. It includes warnings on security and legal issues.

He also included math.aiml that KnyteTrypper posted on this list, which he modified for Linux shell commands. Charles gives credit to the late KnyteTrypper because his forum helped him a lot to produce his pandorabot demo.

He also added misspelled.aiml and repetition.aiml based on Wikipedia's list of most common repetitions and mistakes.

Download Charlix free at


  1. Are they selling the Charlix Desktop on a wholesale merchandise price?

  2. You know I like the AIML and all, it does make it easy to get a chat bot to reply with what you want it to say. But this is not what I think of as real thinking or consciousness. To me consciousness relates to choices, choices one makes according to ones free will. And if were lucky sometimes we learn from those choices. I had the issues as anyone has as to what really is consciousness or free will. And if such even really exist at all. But seems to me True artificial intelligence or consciousness would be able to associate things with other things, and the connections between them as we do. AIML does not allow for a lot of associations outside of question then answer. Seems to me we build something like tree connections within our minds, kind of like the images of brain cells connecting. We connect the two to find a pattern between them, if its there we keep the connection, and build upon it, if its not or if it becomes a useless connection in time, we disconnect the two. Thats how the brain or brain cells work right? A connection between two things could be like between rubber and rubber can bounce, such as a rubber ball for example. Artificial Intelligence must be programmed to find connections between things, and build upon those things for actual learning. That to me is as real as real consciousness can go at least as far as having it in a machine, in my opinion of course!

  3. I am having difficulties installing charlix. May be the developers can make a clear install tutorial, since I think this concept holds a lot of potential. Please provide more support.



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