Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Human nurses can have peace of mind. Their jobs are secure, but Santa's little helper has come to the rescue to do most of the boring nursing tasks for them.
Robot-Nurse helps nurses in hospitals. Her body is developed by Samsung and her brain by Robot-Hosting.com. The Nursing school and the psychology departments of the University of Auckland are creating her nurse knowledge base. She has (camera) face recognition, (microphone) voice recognition, arms and hands. She talks (speaker) with the Patients, Doctors and Nurses in 8 human languages.

Her brain will be centrally controlled by several global server clusters. She will guard the wards at night and attend the patients; therefore human nurses can sleep with peace of mind. She can do logical reasoning and delivers doctor's prescribed drugs for patients and remind them about their daily exercise routine.

She also stands there and pushes them (verbally) to do their exercise and acts as a couch and builds their enthusiasm.

Version one can not change the bedpans, she is too small for that task, but a few years later (next version) she will be able to do more physical activities, but actually the present version does not have biological growth mechanisms like us.

Another one of her responsibilities is talking with those patients who do not have any visitor to keep their company, tell them some jokes or just carry the conversation to make them happy. Therefore they will not feel lonely. Decades of efforts and work of Dr. Wallace and all scientists and programmers who contributed to the Alice project is used in her natural language processing unit, among many other developed algorithms and sub-systems. For more information, visit Robot-Hosting.com.

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