Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Second Life Pandora Updates

Thanks to some members of the Pandorabots community, we have some news about Pandorabots in Second Life.

Destiny Niles found these Pandorabots in SL:

Marcus L. Endicott revised our earlier Second Life Round-Up

He said he could not find any Metaversetech or Navillus Batra products at what appears to be now, and seems to have
gone underground.

A search of for "pandorabots" did reveal three further resources:

Pandorabot Client Kit v1.4.0: (CGe) ChatBOT: Eliza Doolittle Chatbot:

Marcus is trying to keep an informal resource list at:

You can often find Second Life bots on the Pandorabots Most Popular
list. Try asking the bots, "Where are you?" to see if you get a response
indicating that they are in Second Life.

1 comment:

  1. actually, this bot can run pandorabot in secondlife or opensimulator:
    and this text only client can run alice :
    they are both free and opensource



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