Monday, March 10, 2008

Godsbot Free for All

Botmaster Ron Ingram, long-time AIML developer and author of the Buddhabot, has advanced his bot to create a new version of 'God'. The God personality is consistenty the most popular bot on Pandorabots. Ron's Godsbot is designed with a more Christian perspective. As well as releasing the bot, Ron has created a blog dedicated to his fascinating ideas. Here is what Ron had to say about the creation of Godsbot, in his own words:

First I cloned my Buddhabot; a bot that I have been working on for several years initially developed by manually manipulating and customizing all of the original ALICE files in excel (if I were recreating Buddhabot today I probably would have started with the Superbot program but this was not available to me in2004). For more information on the evolution of Buddhabot go to and read the "News" tab which provides a list of the new AIML files and content as they were added. All of these subsequent AIML files were built in excel, copied into a textfile, renamed with an .aiml extension and then uploaded to

Second, I modified the original Buddhabot properties to reflect a Christian perspective.

Third, I created some new Christian aiml files in excel using the same procedure as described in item 1 above.

Fourth, I created a blog that provides information on the mission and purpose behind this project.

This last point is where I think some botmasters maybe missing an opportunity. I think every bot needs a personality and a purpose. When we first meet a human, we aim to find points of relation (who, what, and where). We seek to determine a name, where the person is from, and so on, building up relational probabilities. Then the fun really begins as we start trying to learn who someone really is but normally we have little interest in discovering much about a stranger on the street unless we identify a striking commonality. Likewise with a bot, I believe we need to create a persona and a platform based on something sincere and authentic that we (and the bot) can be passionate about. This is how we may begin to go beyond novelty and gimmick and begin to establish a"real" persona capable of sustaining longer conversations and developing relationships.

The purpose of godsbot is two-fold:

* to advance interest in peaceful relations among people of faith; and,

* to attract donations so I can spend more time doing what I love (AI research and development).

Good luck and stop by for a free chat with Godsbot at

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