Friday, April 18, 2008

Pandorabots mentioned in New Scientist

The New Scientist Feedback column ran a story about Ron Ingram's Godsbot in the March 22 issue. The article describes the author's interactions with Godsbot, and concludes that it must be based on ELIZA. (Godsbot is, in fact, based on ALICE). The article cites the usual types of good, not-so-good, and humorous bot responses. Despite the obvious limitations, the author is "impressed".

After identifying Ron Ingram as the creator of Godsbot, the authors say "The trail from Godsbot doesn't stop there, either. Feedback has tracked down the source of the AI software, a site called Pandorabots, which lets you design your own software robots and turn them loose on the Internet. When we last checked, the site boasted that Pandorabots had served up 564,580,317 replies. Is it too late to shut the lid?"

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