Saturday, May 31, 2008

Actionscript 3 Pandorabot Chat Class

Pandorabots has an XML-RPC interface that allows botmasters to link the A.I. chat bot to third party applications such as SMS, Second Life and Flash. Flash James Durrant, released a free script to integrate Pandorabots with Flash Actionscript 2. Now with Actionscript 3 becoming so widely adopted, another programmer, Marcus Dickinson, has updated Jamie's old Flash Chat interface into something more current.

Marcus announced these new features in his AS3 script:

One line implementation - You can get a basic Flash Chat Pandorabot going by filling in the "yourbotid" and "Common Bot Name" arguments in this one line of code:

var botChat:Chat = new Chat("yourbotid","Common Bot Name",stage.stageWidth/2,stage.stageHeight/1.3, 85, false);

Drag - The topbar is draggable like any other application window.

Close Button - Want users to stay on your site but able to turn the chatbot off? There's a handy close button for that.

Typing Speed - A simple variable (85 up above), that controls the typing speed of your robot. Want it to respond more slowly or quickly? Adjust that. Anyway, there are a lot more subtle things in the class as well, and I hope you enjoy it.

You can download the necessary files at

Finally, Marcus says, "Help me get my own Superbot, make a paypal donation to"

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