Friday, November 07, 2008

GaitoBot AIML-Editor

Daniel Springwald wrote to tell us two pieces of good news. First, the GaitoBot AIML Editor (*) is now released in final version1.0. This visual AIML editor, good for managing large AIML sets and files, is free and will be in future for free. This means it can be used for private or commercial use without any restrictions and without paying any fees.

The second piece of good news is, they now offer an AIML Chatbot hosting service, which the editor can directly upload to. The botmaster has just to sign in on to the site and can publish the bot. To put it on his website, the botmaster need only copy and paste an html-snippet. Gaitobot provides free hosting for bots up to a size of 256kb. For a bot with a bigger knowledge, the company charges a small fee.

(*) The Gaitobot editor is virus and spyware tested by several checks local and online -for example by
You can find a report here:
The program is also signed as created by a known developer and so it shouldnot show the warning "unkown manufacturer" while installing.

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