Friday, March 27, 2009

<srai>: The basics: Table of Common <srai> forms

In writing AIML response templates, certain forms of <srai> responses occur over and over again. They are common enough to be worth identifying and naming them. The following table summarizes the four basic types of common <srai> templates: the Synonym, Simple Wildcard, Multiple Wildcard and Divide and Conquer forms.

Synonym form:


Simple Wildcard forms:


<srai>PHRASE <star/></srai>

<srai><star index="2"/></srai>

Multiple Wildcard forms:

<srai><star/> <star index="2"/></srai>

<srai><star/> PHRASE <star index="2"/></srai>

Divide and Conquer forms:

<srai><star/></srai>. <srai><star index="2"/></srai>

<srai>PHRASE1 <star/></srai>. <srai>PHRASE2 <star index="2"/></srai>

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