Sunday, March 29, 2009

Safe AIML Reductions

The ALICE A.I. Foundation is pleased to make available a set of over 20,000 AIML reduction categories that can be used with any bot. These reductions simplify a huge range of natural language inputs. These categories:

Resolve Synonyms: Map inputs "Hello", "Hi there", "Howdy" etc. onto "Hi".

Simplify Inputs: Convert "I am feeling very happy right now" to "I am happy".

Divide and Conquer: Split "Yes my name is Jim" into "Yes" and "My name is Jim".

The Safe AIML Reductions contain only reduction responses and is stripped of all ALICE bot personality content. You can use the Safe AIML Reductions with any AIML chat bot. The Safe AIML Reductions will save a lot of time when you are developing a unique chat bot personality.

The Safe AIML Reductions avoid the dreaded "Too much recursion" error message in AIML by using <srai>'s that eventually terminate. The Safe AIML Reductions are delivered to you in the form of AIML files.

1 comment:

  1. Great idea but I can't see many people spending $399 on a list of SRAIs.

    Creating AIML bots is a hobby for the vasy majority of people and $399 is out of our price range.



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