Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AIML Superbot Upgrade

The AIML Superbot is a convenient way to create your own unique bot personality. The Superbot contains the top 10K most activated AIML patterns in the ALICE brain, with blank templates. Organized in a spreadsheet, the Superbot allows you to sort the AIML data by pattern, template or activation count.

The Superbot has now been upgraded to included the Safe AIML Reductions. These reductions can be used with any bot, and avoid the dreaded "infinite recursion in AIML" error message. The AIML Superbot is now available with the Safe AIML Reductions together as one package, for the same price of $999. To order click here.

The Safe AIML Reductions are not included with the Superbot-1K offer.

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