Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Business community for chatbots launched

Business community for chatbots launched

The evolution of chatbots, artificial entities designed to have interesting or entertaining conversations with us; also named 'conversational agents', is now supported by a worldwide community for chatbot developers, affiliated industry and users. Chatbots are getting a lot of attention from businesses right now as they can save costs in customer service centres and are therefore very welcome in the current economic climate. As there was no such business community in the world, is now filling the gap.

Chatbots are not just another hyped technology. They are part of the brand dialogue trend, as outlined in 2005 by futurist Erwin van Lun. Chatbots are today's representation of the growing ability of brands- of organisations - to move away from advertising- the automation of sending messages - towards the automation of listening to individuals. In the future, advertising will disappear and be wholly replaced by Chatbots which cannot be distinguished from real people, representing brands in an (extremely) intelligent conversation. Therefore the 'business news' feature within is demonstrating the evolution of business communication.

Business news is the most important new feature. It will cover news on 'conversational technology', 'human identification' (biometrics for example), 'sensing' (like voice recognition), and 'appearance' (such as holographic projections). Individuals from the participating industry are all allowed to publish news themselves and the community invites professionals to comment on news or start as an editor for Furthermore, professionals can use their own page to profile themselves to the outside world.

About was founded by Erwin Van Lun in 2008 and started as a worldwide listing of chatbots. Today, it's mission is 'to be the leading community for chatbot developers, users and affiliate industry on research, technology and innovation driving commercial success for all participants'.

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