Thursday, July 09, 2009

Pandorabots Videos

We've begun producing a series of Pandorabots instructional videos. There are three available right now: Creating an Account and Creating a Bot, No Initial Content, and Creating a Mobile Application using Custom HTML.

The videos have been posted on Youtube. The first one is a basic introduction to accounts and bot creation on Pandorabots.

The second video is a bit longer, going into detail about creating a unique bot personality with no initial content. The same technique can be used to create a bot in a foreign language.

Our third video is all about Custom HTML. We show how to change the appearance of your bot's web page, and in particular, modify it to look good on a mobile browser.


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  2. It would be helpful if the rest of the videos in the series for "No Initial Content Part 1/3" were either linked or included in this post. I just copypasta'd the youtube url, but more novice users might not know how to find the other two videos.



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