Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Program O version 1.0.3

July 22 saw a new release of Program-O, the PHP and MySQL AIML interpreter by Elizabeth Perreau. Program O version 1.0.3 has already received positive reviews from users who say it feels more like version 2.0.

Version 1.0.3 includes;
==Support for the system tag
==Many bug fixes
==My Program-O - an easy to use botmaster admin area
==Installers for the bot and admin area

If you are doing a fresh install then there is now a handy installer script that will do it for you.
But don't run this if you are just upgrading--as it will reset your bots brain!

There is now an admin area, called My Program-O, a really simple place to train and monitor your bots. You can upload your AIML, teach your bot, update it's personality, read stats and logs.

Elizabeth says, "My Program-O is also available under the GNU license so please feel free to mash it up for your own needs."

You can check out Program O at
You can download the latest files here

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