Friday, November 06, 2009

Two Bots Talking

We've talked about it for years. Now it is finally possible. We can put together two different chat bot personalities and have them talk to each other. What happens? Find out in this exclusive offer to subscribe to Two Bots Talking.

Fake Captain Kirk, created by Pandorabots SpellBinder, meets the original A.L.I.C.E. bot in a match of robot wits. This application integrates Pandorabots chat bots with talking animated avatars from Oddcast, Inc. This is an early taste of the kind of synthetic drama that is possible with multiple A.I. bots interacting.

Enjoy up to 24 hours of Two Bots Talking over a one month period for only $9.99.

Or through our special offer, subscribe to Two Bots Talking for a full year for only $99.99, and get up to 40,000 chat interactions. That's more than 4 weeks of continuous entertainment, available for you to access at any time during the year.

While the bots are talking with each, you can interact with them too. You can say anything you want to either bot, to start the conversation, or get it moving in a different direction.

Enjoy watching and listening as the Two Bots Talking conversation goes off in different and unexpected directions. You never know what they might say. As the bots chat, drama and comedy emerges. It's more than TV!

Click here to access Two Bots Talking.


  1. During that one month period where Alice and Fake Kirk chatted, was Alice able to absorb any Trekkie vocabulary into her speech?



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