Thursday, December 09, 2010

Integrating Pandorabots with Third-Party Applications

Pandorabots has an API called XML-RPC that you can use to connect a pandorabot to third-party applications including IMified, mIRC, Second Life and Flash.   The ALICE A.I. Foundation has written and released a document that makes it easier to understand and use this XML-RPC interface.

A number of developers have written code to link Pandorabots to their applications.  In some cases the developers chose to disclose or publish their code.  It can be difficult to track down these examples from their original publication on web pages, forums and blogs.  We've collected all that code in one document and made it available here:

This material is drawn from a variety of different sources online and we have also provided links to the original source.  We review these programs in more detail and, where available, republish the source code.

The code fragments quoted in this document were written by third parties. Some of the code contains known bugs or does not play well with Pandorabots. The code is reproduced “as is” from the original sources. Known bugs and issues are highlighted in the Comment sections above each code fragment.

Pandorabots has its own proprietary code for connection to third party services. This code is presented for pedagogical purposes and as a guide to third party developers.  The code fragments presented in this document are not supported by Pandorabots.  For high quality, robust, efficient
code to interface Pandorabots to third party applications, please contact

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