Thursday, October 20, 2011

Siri and Pannous Voice Actions

Several people have independently written us asking if the AI Foundation was involved in the development of the Apple iPhone Siri app.  The simple answer is no, unless Apple is perhaps using some version of the free open source ALICE AIML software.

There is a comparable Android app developed by Pannous, called Voice Actions (not to be confused with Google Voice Actions) .  Besides making it possible to control your phone through speech commands, the Pannous Voice Actions app also allows you to have a conversation with an AIML bot based on ALICE.

What the users of Pannous Voice Actions appreciate most

The Pannous Voice Actions app has:

- Better conversations because it relies on the Lisp-based Pandorabots service, in contrast,  the Siri conversational replies are far more limited.  Pandorabots is the home to high-quality award-win
-ning chatbot characters, representing many person-years of development invested in original content.

- Greater richness of features: much broader integration with the device (camera, video, sound) other services (images, youtube, twitter, facebook, poems, quotes, etc. ), other apps and settings. For example, Siri is unable to open GPS map navigation for directions

- Better question answering by accessing a broader set of knowledge bases such as Wikianswers and Trueknowledge (an excellent substitute for Wolfram Alpha).

There is even an iPhone app version of Pannous Voice Actions,  but its features are limited due to the constraints on the API imposed by Apple. In general third-party apps on the iPhone are unable to  (a) open any other app, (b) query and modify system settings and (c) hook into other applications (available through Android’s ‘intents’ capabilities).

Currently Pannous Voice Actions market site receives around 50 positive reviews daily, and here are some quotes.

“Wow this thing is wicked!”

“Beats Siri hands down!”

“I just carried on a conversation with my telephone. This application is amazing!”

“Siri crusher.”

If you want to have a more intelligent conversation with your phone than you can have with Siri, give Pannous Voice Actions a try and see the power of AIML in action!

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  1. It's *ABOUT TIME* someone told the world about how amazing Jeannie/Voice Actions by Pannous is, especially compared to Siri! I've had Jeannie on my Droid for at least a year & all Apple's hype over Siri as if they just released some amazing new technology has been maddening! Thank you *SO* much for your article & for setting the record straight! Now I can send the next person I hear raving about Siri here. I can't *WAIT* to see what they have to say after they read this! =^)



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