Friday, June 29, 2012

Answer Devices promotes Mobile Assistants

Answer Devices is a new site devoted to promoting and discussing mobile virtual agent technology.  In our efforts to promote our own apps CallMom and English Tutor, we've noticed that there hasn't been a centralized community forum to discuss virtual assistant apps like Siri, S-Voice,  Jeannie, Skyvi, Speaktoit, CallMom and others.

One topic on the Answer Devices site is, "What the heck do we call these things?".   Not quite the same as chatbots, there isn't yet any consensus on what this class of apps should be called.  One interesting proposal is "CUI"--conversational user interface.  The term "CUI" (pronounced "cooey")  captures the idea that voice-activated, talking interfaces are an entirely new modality of human-computer communication.

Also on the Answer Devices site, you can learn about the new Pannous web service for mobile apps.  We use Pannous in CallMom.  Anyone developing a mobile virtual assistant app might be interested in this service, because it simplifies the process of retrieving information from third-party web services.

We look forward to following and participating in the Answer Devices fourm.

1 comment:

  1. I like it. I was wondering what the verbal interfaces would be categorized as.



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